This merchant/mage is covered in scars, and his right hand and eye give off a faint smell of decay.



Zevrahn is tall, standing over 6 feet, but he is emaciated. Combined with the scars covering his body, he looks as if he came too close to death and brought it home with him.

His eyes are often covered with a yellow film which emits light, but when he dismisses the spell, his right eye looks rotten.

His right hand seems as though it is decaying, knuckle bones show through paper-thin skin.


Zevrahn owns stores in both Cordovia and in the Kingdom of Gnossos, as well as a very profitable shipping company that delivers his goods to both locations. He is renowned for his ability to craft magic rings and amulets, and his mastery of necromancy draws students from around the world, though he is reluctant to teach. Rumors circulate that Zevrahn’s horrific injuries came from doing battle with a god, but he refuses to confirm or deny these rumors.


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